Light party 3
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Light party at St John the Divine Church Willenhall

On Friday the 1st of November, at St John the Divine Church, the team decided to celebrate all that is light and good during the Halloween weekend at Messy Church.

Light party 1

Messy Church, has a great team of volunteers these arrive early to set up, prepare food and provide crafts such as: messy hand prints, making candle biscuits, lanterns, colouring, creating stained glass windows, and face painting with Neon colours.

After the packed out craft time the family service began, people file in from the church Hall to the main building, the church transformed with UV lights. The glow sticks and UV paint on the children shine bright, a lazer covers the back wall in red and green patterns. Florescent tape decks the floor. The lively worship songs start with actions and then a short talk on how we are called to be the light of the World and a City on a hill. Then a time of prayer where mini electric candles are placed on a cross on the floor. It’s a bit chaotic but fun, engaging, and meaningful all at the same time. After one more song it was time to go back into the church Hall for Hot dogs followed by pudding, the wonderful volunteers had cleared the craft tables to eat and served everyone food.

Light party 2

Over 115 people attended the event, children with their parents, grand-parents and carers. This is completely free for the community, provides food and fun. Children leave faces painted, large smiles and clutching their various craft activities proudly. Another successful Messy Church complete, all but the clear up for the workers to begin.

Light party 4