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TCT Warwick

A Vision Day for Warwick

Warwick Community Hub hold first Vision Day for Warwick

Around 70 people from over 50 different organisations including local charities, businesses, churches and councils came together for the Vision Day event. It was organised by Warwick Community Hub which was started by Berni Allen, Localities and Partnership Officer from Warwick District Council. The creation of TCTW was a catalyst for it's creation and I gave a presentation about TCTW at our very first meeting in the Court House. It is a real joy to attend our meetings and hear of all the great work that is going on across the area as well as being able to respond strategically or in partnerships to some of the needs that have arisen over the last two years. Regular attendees are Saltisford Church, The Gap, The Packmores, Chase Meadow Community Centre, Warwick Tennis & Cricket Club and the Warwick Lions. The meetings are now chaired by Celia Hilgenberg Outreach Worker at Saltisford Church and WDC attend on an invite only basis. We genuinely get along and there is such a sense of unity and purpose about the group that you feel we can get some exciting things done in the town and see real and sustainable transformation. In this spirit the Vision Day was masterminded by Celia with invaluable support from Rupert Griffiths chair of KHVIII Endowed Trust.

Celia did an amazing job of leading the event which fell into 4 parts

1. What is Warwick?

2, Who is Warwick and Changing times?

3. Implications and Opportunities

4. So what and next steps?

All the attendees fed back how much they enjoyed the discussions giving their opinions and being able to hear the views of others. It felt like a very special day and i was honoured to be part of it and look forward to working on outcomes and next steps with the rest of the Community Hub.

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