The primary roles of TFC are to:

  • Act as a catalyst and advocate for 4 or 5 ‘Priority Areas’ in the Diocese, chosen by TFC in a robust process with specific criteria. These will be significantly deprived geographical areas and communities which have not received much funding or support in recent years.  The aim will be to work with local Anglican church leaders in supporting significant regeneration initiatives in these areas.
  • Provide support, mainly by advice from the Transforming Communities Together Officer (TCTO), to other Anglican churches seeking to transform their communities.  This level of support will be ascertained by a combination of visit from the TCTO with a formal Project Support Request Form.

Together For Change Seeks to support the transformation of the Coventry Diocese through the following ways;

  • Theme Focused Transformation - Prioritising 2 or 3 themes strategically which adversely affect deprived communities across the various geographical areas of the Diocese. Themes for 2015-2016 have been identified as:

    Theme 1

    Establishing a network of work clubs throughout the diocese that support the unemployed, working in partnership with the CSWP to provide a full time member of staff to support the church work clubs.

    Theme 2

    Establish, train and resource Family Link Workers in partnership between church schools and churches, to provide support to chaotic families across the diocese.

    Theme 3

    Establish and equip projects run by churches to support the elderly whilst adding value to Coventry City Council’s initiative to become an ‘Age Friendly City’.


  • Web-based Support - Resourcing and sharing information to help churches transform their communities, through the development of a website, interactive community transformation map, statistics, best practice and highlighting potential streams of funding for projects.


  • Training - For the TCTO to deliver or enable training that supports the geographical and theme-focused approaches identified above.