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Transforming Communities Together Warwick COVID-19 Response

TCTW have been working on responding to needs arising because of the current situation and have been working with schools to ensure that the families who need it receive food.

Support for Free School Meals Families at Easter

Near the beginning of the pandemic, in the early stages of the first national lockdown, the holiday hunger gap at Easter became even more apparent, and pushed many towards food crisis.


The government voucher scheme was due to kick in after Easter and the current WCC voucher offer had been overwhelmed and therefore hard to access. It also had limitations if you were self-isolating and couldn't go to collect the payment or spend it at a supermarket or online as you were waiting weeks for a delivery slot. Read more about how our Stacey in Warwick responded to this issue in partnership with local churches below.

'(the intervention) is an act of immense kindness just at the right time when it is needed most’

A School Deputy Head