Together For Change is a charity with the aim of working with churches and multi-agency groups across the public and private sector in order to transform the communities of Coventry and Warwickshire.

The charity seeks to set up social enterprises and local projects that will support sustainable community transformation and tackle issues of systemic poverty.

In order to do this, Together For Change seeks to work in a strategic and coordinated manner with existing projects, sharing information and best practice.

The Together For Change (TFC) Charity is a Joint Venture between the Diocese of Coventry and the Church Urban Fund which exists to serve the transformation of communities within Coventry and Warwickshire, in complete alignment with the Diocesan threefold Mission Purpose of:

  • Worshipping God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

TFC has a particular focus and emphasis in fulfilling the third of these priorities, and seeks to do so utilising the 8 Essential Qualities of Diocesan strategy (see  As two of these Essential Qualities are Passionate Spirituality in the Christian tradition, and Need-oriented Outreach, TFC seeks to serve the most disadvantaged in our communities and is integral to the Diocesan strategy to Transform Communities.


Since Together For Change started we have partnered with a wide range of businesses and charities which has enabled us to extend our reach to those that we may not have been able to reach previously.

Our partners include:

- Coventry City Council
- Age UK
- HOPE Coventry
- Stoneleigh Trust
- Sycamore Trust
- Betel UK Birmingham
- Multi Academy Trust
- Job Shop
- Coventry Money Advice
- Jelly Beans Nursery
- Diocesan Board of Education
- Alzheimer’s Society
- Langley House Trust