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Family Link Workers

The Family Link Worker initiative places workers in both a school and local church to support families in need. The aim is to work alongside families providing practical support in areas such as healthy eating, budgeting, food preparation, parenting classes, family routines and pastoral care.

Our Family Link Workers are based in Willenhall, Binley, Salford Priors and Foleshill. The aim is to strengthen links between schools and churches to support vulnerable families and establish positive pastoral relationships. TFC works in partnership with the Bishops Mission Fund and different schools to fund these projects.


Salford Priors - Sarah Folkes

Sarah is our family link worker in Salford Priors, working with Salford Priors CofE Academy and St Matthews Church. Sarah has successfully run slow cooker courses and family fun days, and is currently running Messy Church and the Saplings Stay and Play group. To keep up to date with the work in Salford Priors, visit the St Matthews Salford Priors Facebook page and get in touch with Sarah for more information.


Foleshill - Rea Verdon

Rea is our family link worker based in Foleshill, working with St Lawrence's Church and St Lawrence's CofE Primary School. Rea runs coffee mornings, a Stay and Play group, Messy Church and Forest Church. For more information visit the St Lawrence's Facebook page, Instagram account or get in touch with Rea.

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Willenhall - Tristram Peattie

Tris is our family link worker in Willenhall, working with St John the Divine Church and Stretton CofE Academy. Head over to the St John the Divine website to find out what's on in Willenhall, or get in contact with Tris.

Rob and Helen

Binley - Rob and Helen Tebbatt

Rob and Helen are a husband and wife family link worker team in Binley, linking St Batholemew's CofE Primary School and St Bartholemew's Church. To find out more about the work in Binley, get in touch with Rob and Helen.

See below some statistics highlighting work done by our family link workers...

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Stay and Play Groups

98 parents and children on average attend Stay and Play groups run by our family link workers. Stay and play is a great resource to combat isolation and build a sense of community and support for parents.

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Messy Church

An average of 245 people attend Messy Church events each month, put on in our four locations. Messy Church is a very successful way of connecting families with church, and involves fun activities, a family friendly service and a meal/food. This are supported by a team of volunteers, and is normally provided as a free event.

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Nurture Groups and 1-to-1 Support

All 4 of our family link workers offer 1-to-1 support to parents and children, as well as running nurture groups for children who require extra support at school and for parents to support each other. These groups often form around interests such as baking or gardening, but also take the form of coffee mornings and school clubs.

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Summer Brunch Clubs

1600 meals were provided at the Summer Brunch club events in Willenhall, along with various activities. This project aims to tackle holiday hunger and build community, giving those who cannot afford a holiday a holiday at home.

This innovative project is helping many families and ultimately helping pupils feel more secure.

Ofsted Report, St Bartholomews CofE July 2017

It takes a whole village to raise a child

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