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Food Poverty

Together For Change works in a host of different ways to tackle food poverty in our communities. We organise Holiday Clubs for families whose children receive free school meals with our family link workers, and provide support for groups run in local churches through grants. Some examples of these include food banks and local initiatives such as Slow Cooker projects to teach people how to cook healthily on a budget.

Here are some examples of how we help:

Holiday Lunch Clubs

Several of our family link workers have successfully run lunch clubs throughout the holidays. With financial support from TFC, several local churches have partnered with TLG Make Lunch – a national charity that supports churches to bridge the holiday hunger gap - to set up lunch clubs. ‘Holiday hunger’ refers to the struggle families living in poverty, whose children are eligible for free school meals, face when school kitchens are closed in the holidays.

Food Redistribution

We use organisations such as FareShare to save good food from going to waste by distributing it to some of our TFC funded church community projects. This food is then turned into meals for vulnerable people, particularly in projects run by our family link workers, and in lunch clubs which are set up by local churches and supported by our grants.

Working with parents

TFC has provided grants for various projects in local churches that support parents in feeding their families. This includes slow cooker projects and training courses on meal planning, and cooking economically and nutritiously.

The Family Link Worker initiative places workers in both a school and local church to support families in need. The aim is to work alongside families providing practical support in…
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